Friday, 6 January 2017

Different Types of Indian Attire for Men

An Indian wedding is all about beautiful and colorful ceremonies, which includes different rituals, celebrations and obviously food. Apart from this, wedding attires also holds an important position both for men and women. While women gears up in the most beautiful Indian attire, men also take equal efforts to choose the best Indian attire and look best on this special occasion. To help men make the right choice, we have brought forth some of the famous Indian attire below.

Jodhpuri suits

This is one of the most popular Indian wedding suits for men, which is the blend of both Indian and western style. It comprises of shirt, trousers and a coat. The length of coat is similar to that of a western outfit, except that it is beautified with some heavy work. The addition of work on Jodhpuri suit makes it look royal and just an apt choice for the D day.


It is another Indian form of attire which has full sleeved long knee length coat usually high neck work along with tightly fitted trouser. The looks of Achkan are further enhanced with beautiful embroidery and design to give it the much required look.


It is one of the most popular forms of apparel which is famous to be worn by Indian grooms on their wedding day. The three piece attire which is a combination of trouser, coat and also a kurta. The kurtas of the apparel are made using high quality fabric, such that it graces the occasion and also works in favor to enhance looks of the groom.

So all the soon to be grooms, get the best Indian wedding suits and look classy, after all it is your day!

Monday, 26 September 2016

Choose of Attire for Indian Grooms

Indian wedding is a series of colorful ceremonies which comprises of different rituals, ceremonies, food, celebration etc. One of the things, which catch the eye of guests during the function, is, wedding attires worn by the bride and groom. Here we have brought forth some ideas which are considered by Indian men on their wedding day.

Jodhpuri or Indian suits

Indian wedding suits for men is one of the most popular and preferable attire for men, looking for something Indian and western to wear. This suit comprises of shirt, trousers and a coat. The length of the coat is similar to that of western coat, but has heavy embroidery over it giving it a royal look.

Kurta Pyjama

Kurta is a long shirt which has heavy traditional embroidery on both the sides, while Pyjama is a comfortable lower wear which is worn along with kurta. This attire is made of best quality with the most unique designs. Hence grooms have various options to avail choice from.

Indian Sherwani

It is one of the stylish and popular attires worn by grooms on Indian wedding. The attire is a three piece set which includes kurta, coat, dhoti or trousers along with it. The coat is well fitted to the body and might extend to the knees to give groom the appropriate look.


Above mentioned are some of the most favorable options which can be chosen by grooms for their wedding. Grooms can choose attire from any of the options, and feel like a prince on their D day.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Get Cool Luxury Suits Online

Anyone who has recently been invited to a party might be worrying about clothes which he will wear in that party. If we compare the choices women have with regards to clothes with men then we can say that men have lesser number of options. Men who need to mark their presence in a business party should consider the option to wear a suit. There are a large number of people who like to wear suits. They make men look handsome and decent. 

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Ordering anything online will save money and time of people. Anyone who always likes to wear luxury suits can also get luxury suits in Mumbai. You can take help of any search engine to find out the best online stores which sell suits for men. Therefore, instead of spending money in visiting a store physically, try online shopping to feel the difference!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Checkout Designer Suits Mumbai Online

The personality of an individual is a blend of several aspects like the way one carries himself, the kind of clothes he wears, the level of confidence he has etc. If we talk about one of the most significant factors which contribute to one’s personality then it is clothing. The kind of clothes which an individual wears, tells a lot about him. The same person who does not look good normally may look great in clothes especially chosen for him. People are different from each other in several respects and they might have different choices.

If we talk about clothes for men and women then we can certainly say that women a;ways have more choices when it comes to buying clothes. Men do not have much choice. From the little choices they have, men need to pick the best clothes for them. A nice dressed man will surely be spotted well by other people. It is not easy to make a remarkable first impression on others. Men should choose their clothes with precision as they will have a lot of effect on other people.

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